Action Cooking

Last saturday our Action Cooking (Unexpected – event organized by Bremer Jugendring and “Mosaiktreff” – Komciwan Bremen e.V.) was a succesful combination of hot food and hot topics:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce was bought together in a sustainable shop and prepared in teamwork. Together with Hetav Tek from the German Federal Youth Council, the group took part in a simulation game on the topic of sustainable vegetable growing: In a fiery debate, a critical ecological network, a big farmer and the spanish government tried to compromise. Their goal: the improvement of working and living conditions of harvesters and creating a sustainable production chain.

Following this, the group discussed on youth politics and laws with the support of Hetav Tek. How can wishes and needs of young people be better incorporated in political decision making? Topics were, among others, the possibilities of voluntary engagement and the transition from educational to working life. At the end, nobody wanted to leave. So a spotaneous round of the game “Werwolf” was played.

We are curious which new actions will emerge from the group!

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