UNEXPECTED stands for:

  • A positive attitude towards surprising and new ideas about living together (in Bremen, in Germany, in Europe, in the world)
  • intensive encounters between young people with various backgrounds and experiences
  • awesome discussions between young people and politicians , for example in fancy places and/or with playful methods
  • being able to follow your own ideas in practice
  • finding unexpected commonalities with others
  • being self-determined and creative.


UNEXPECTED is a project developed and realised by Bremer Jugendring. Therefore it is a part of extracurricular/non-formal youth education.

Bremer Jugendring supports young people in Bremen, especially those ones that have recently arrived here, to co-create our society with the help of their very own perspectives, wishes and needs.

This project is financially supported by the „Integrationsbudget 2016/17“ of the Bremer Bürgerschaft.