Bremer Jugendring  (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Bremer Jugendverbände  e.V.)  is an association of youth leagues of the federal state Bremen to foster the self-determined, creative and common action of children and youths in Bremen. Bremer Jugendring supports the manifold voluntary engagement of young people to ensure the future of a social and democratic society.

Therefore Bremer Jugendring represents the interests of youths that organize themselves in its 23 member associations towards the public – especially towards the federal state government, the Bürgerschaft, the parties and government agencies.

Bremer Jugendring acts as an information platform and service provider for the youth associations in Bremen. Moreover, Bremer Jugendring is the medium and expression of democratic self determination of all children and youths in Bremen.

Concretely, that is:

  • commitment for young people and their concerns: we make contact to politicians and the media possible
  • information and professional discourse with our member associations, concerning topics as culture, sports, environment, social conditions, education
  • we encourage political engagement and self determination of young people through our own projects
  • we make use of our influence on legislation issues concerning youths, especially with the help of our delegates in the youth welfare services committee
  • we set representatives in broadcasting councils and in committes concerning youth politics (for example in the youth welfare services committee)
  • we represent the interests of our member associations in many committees and working groups

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