Game Camp 2018 – now in October!

ATTENTION: The Game Camp was delayed and will take place in October! Information will be posted here soon!

Play with us! Spend 5 days with 20 other young people and save Bremen from a climate catastrophe!


The Game Camp 2018 is a holiday camp for youth between 13 and 17 years who are interested in testing their gaming skills. Every day there will be new challenges for the whole group to overcome. For example: playing Scotland Yard in the tramway, building VR-glasses, playing a video quiz and even more! On the first day we will get to know each other, during the other days we will play play play together in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Gaming will happen everywhere: in the train, on the ferry, in the city. By the way we will learn a lot about climate, nutrition, mobility, plastic and digital gaming.


The camp will happen from 9th to 13th July (Monday to Friday).


We will spend 3 nights in Jugendkirche Gröpelingen, with the support of sleeping bags and mattresses. In this place, we can also spend our evenings together – playing table soccer, pool or climbing on a wall. We also eat and cook there together. One day and one night we will play in Bremerhaven and even sleep their in tents in the garden of AWO Kinderhilfezentrums CONNECT.

What else?

The participation fee is 90 Euro, overnight stay, catering, different activities such as the visit of “Klimahaus Bremerhaven” and the transport by ferry are included in the price!
If you cannot pay, please contact us! We will find a solution, so you can nevertheless join the camp.

Are you excited to be in?

Get in touch with Arabella Walter (Mail:, phone: 0421 – 41658516) until 24th of June!

We are excited to meet you!

The Game Camp 2018 is a cooperation of following projectes: „Unexpected“ (Bremer Jugendring), „Schlüssel für Bremen“ (Sportgarten e.V.) and the Digital Impact Lab (M2C).