That was our “No-Coal-Tour”

On 31st of January it was happening: Bremer Jugendring and Jep – Junges entwicklungspolitisches Forum (young developmental forum) invited to a “Kohltour” without coal. Supported by our wooden SUV (a small handcart) we moved through the city center of Bremen in the year 2119. Snorkeling in the “Schnoor” – 100 years ago nobody thought that this could be even possible! Afterwards we discussed with the senator for environment and with politicians from diverse parties on the climate goals of Bremen, supported by hot coffee, tea and cookies.  Topics included plastic free packaging, the idea of different signals for food that was produced in an (un)sustainable way, more sustainable produced food in canteens and (almost) free local transport. Also more provocative ideas were discussed, for example a car-free city center and the closure of the airport in Bremen.

We did not only have a lot of fun but also produced many political demands. Therefore we are eager to see to what extent the parties will take the ideas along previous to the state elections 2019!

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