Speed-Dating in a bunker

Is your grandma looking for a possibility to engage in politics? Bring her to our unexpected event on Sunday, 16th of June 😀

In a rebuilt old bunker in Claussenstreet in Bremen- Schwachhausen, on 16th of June, young people from the group PlanAgo will discuss with the initiative “Omas gegen Rechts” about new and old strategies of rightwing political positions and what we can do about them.

How do we experience rightwing arguments and hostilities in different ages? How was it back then and how does it happen today? Should right parties be forbidden? Is everything gonna be worse and worse? What happens in Europe at the moment? And why does it make perfect sense for you to be engaged?

The unexpected event starts at 5 pm in front of the bunker. After that we will move into the bunker and experience a speed-dating around different tables and with many different questions between old and young. The event will be moderated by several young organizers. Additonally, a young film team will document the atmosphere and the arguments. We will finish around 7 pm.

Come around!


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